2012 Burton Feelgood Flying V Snowboard Review

Reviewed by Emily (Snowboards.com Staff)

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My name is Emily and I just got done riding the Burton Feelgood with the V Rocker in it overall i really enjoyed the board its defenitly for more of an advanced rider but an intermediate could still have made this purchase to learn and grown on it it handled really well at higher speeds but still really playful poppy and fun and slower speeds and its way more malleable than I thought it would be i guess overall I give it a 4 out of 5 and the thing that I didnt like about this board would be probably I would prefer it to be alittle bit more stiff being a higher end board the thing I liked most about it was that the V Rocker that is in the Camber really performed really well at high speeds which I was actually pretty stoked on

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