2014 Burton Ruler Mens Boots Overview


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Hey there. Welcome to the Morning Shred brought to you by snowboards.com. I'm Jenna. I've got Levi from Burton here and we're going to talk about the Burton Ruler.


Levi, who's this boot designed for? This boot is designed for your kind of intermediate rider or your kind of all-mountain carver. It's like a Moto with more support and also a few other, kind of, bonus features to it so when you step up to the Ruler from the Moto you move into the Imprint 2 Liner which has a cuff that actually links around the liner and help suck you down and back into that shell. Okay. And then, also, when you move up to this boot you get these little winder handles on the Dual Zone Speed Zone which is the convenient system that gives you two zones of comfort and also, it's just a more supportive boot so you move up to a six in support compared to the Moto being down to about a three. So, more of that intermediate-level rider on up. Someone who wants a little more response out of their boot? Yep. It's going to be more precise heel-to-toe than the lower end boots will and also when you step up to the Ruler you get this air cushioning in the heel.


It's a very great boot for guys looking to rip good, hard, fast turns. And that's going to provide a lot of dampening, a lot of cushioning underfoot, right? Yep. Definitely. Would you still have the Total Comfort Construction and... Total Comfort being that big open toebox where it takes away pressure points where your toes meet up with your foot and then also it does also still have Shrinkage Tech which kind of shrinks down the overall footprint of this boot up to a full size so that you can get this boot into smaller bindings and also just cuts down on weight in general. Cool. And you've got a little bit of articulation in the shell, kind of? Yep, yeah, we've got these little articulation points here so you can still have that forward flex but still have the support built into the liner and the shell. Great. Well, there you go. That's the Burton Ruler. Great boot for that intermediate to advanced level guy who is looking for something a little more supportive, a little bit more responsive and just still an all-around comfortable boot. Check it out on snowboards.com and thanks for watching the Morning Shred.