2014 Burton Superhero Snowboard Review

Reviewed by Rob G. (Snowboards.com Staff)

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Hey, I'm Rob. Just got off the Burton Super Hero, gave this board 4 out of 5 stars. Really fun board, has Nug Raduction, so I rode it in a 157, rides closer to a 160-161, which is really cool. At controlled speeds, holds an edge really well, super easy to maneuver, being a shorter board, but still has a good edge hold. The same type of edge hold that you'd get in a longer board. It's a freestyle board, so it's not, you know, that board that's really made to get outside of the park and really try to step on it, lay into it. In the park, tons of pop, you can really feel that tail load up, tons of power. The fact that it rides shorter, really low swing weight, really easy to throw around, so a really great, really perfect board for that high intermediate to advanced, freestyle rider

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