2014 Ride Machete Snowboard Review

Reviewed by Ian R. (Snowboards.com Staff)

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Hey, this is Ian. I just got done riding the Ride Machete in a 152. I give this board 4 out of 5 stars. This board is geared for your intermediate to advanced, all mountain, freestyle rider. It has a low rise camber, so it's actually primarily flat in between the feet with a little bit of rocker up at the contact points going on up to the tip and the tail. Carbon array free in the tip and the tail, which is actually just going to give you a little bit of extra snap and little bit of extra pop. You can really feel it when you actually load it up also has Pop Rods 1.0 underneath the feet, and then of course the Ride Slime Wall side walls, so a little bit dampening in impact resistance. So once again, 4 out of 5 stars, great, solid board. The Ride Machete.

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