Before you select the perfect winter shred stick, you need to know how it will handle. Our team of riders test the latest snowboards each year and give you their opinion of the board and who they think it might be best suited for. Boards are tested by multiple riders of different gender, ability and preference so you get a wide range of reviews and opinions. Finding your next snowboard is now a little bit easier thanks to the dedication and hard work of our testers!

Brand Model Reviewer Star Rating
RideRide Crook Snowboard 2014Randy R4
RideRide Crook Snowboard 2014Tyler M3.5
RideRide Kink Snowboard 2014Randy R3
RideRide Kink Snowboard 2014Trevor T3
RideRide Kink Snowboard 2014Tyler M4
RideRide Machete GT Snowboard 2014Alex C5
RideRide Machete GT Snowboard 2014Randy R5
RideRide Machete GT Snowboard 2014Tyler M4.5
RideRide Machete Snowboard 2014Randy R4
RideRide Machete Snowboard 2014Trevor T4.5
RideRide Machete Snowboard 2014Tyler M4
RideRide Machete Snowboard 2014Ian R4
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