2014 Rossignol RocknRolla Amptek Snowboard Review

Reviewed by Rob G. (Snowboards.com Staff)

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Hey, I'm Rob. I just got off the RocknRolla from Rossi. I give this board 5 out of 5 stars This might be the most fun board I've ever been on. The base, the bottom of the board is actually cored out along the side of the board, so it actually lifts the board up. It's about an inch into the base, so you can actually ride this board sideways down the hill. It's as hook free as you could possibly imagine. Super fun, super playful, you ride it short, throw it around, do anything you want. The edge is still there when you want to make a turn, obviously at more controlled speeds, it's not you know, a ripper going down the mountain, but at a controlled speed, when you want to get it on edge, it's going to go on edge, it'll hold an edge for you, but really kind of that super fun, playful, jib park board for anyone from a beginner up to an advanced level rider.

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