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Hey, I'm Rob from skis.com and snowboards.com joined today by Josh from Pret. Josh, thanks for joining us. Thanks for having me, guys.


So, today we're talking about the Effect. Really cool helmet in the line, really kind of Pret's top-end of their line. What's kind of the first thing that jumps out at you on this helmet? The first thing that jumps out is going to be our VTT3 system. Now, we have 3 different systems, and that stands for Vent Tuning Technology. So, the 3 is our most-advanced so what you're actually getting is on-the-fly vent changing so you can close it up, you can close it halfway or close it the entire way. And what it is is it's actually a labyrinth of channels that's circulating air through the helmet so instead of actually having the air come in direct contact with like a wet head or a sweaty head, it's actually going through the vents sort of channeling it out so you're not getting that sort of brain freeze that you get with some other helmets. For sure. And then having the adjustment on it you can really kind of control that climate and really dial in exactly how, you know, to the conditions outside. Exactly. Exactly.


I mean, all the stuff that we're using in our helmets, it's all Eco-Smart, all X Static liner that we're using. I mean, everything is pretty much fine-tuned on this thing. It's ultra-light, one of the lightest helmets on the market. One of the most vents on the market for a helmet. And then... A great fit system on it too, right? Incredible fit system. So, we're using our Ripcord System. And that is...it's a dial in and out that you're getting and then all the way down to our FitLock System. Which is a great system. I can, you know, speak to that. I've used it. You don't take your gloves off to get it on. Having it just be magnetic like that, it finds itself. Really, really easy to do. There's no messing, trying to find the buckle and get it put in perfect. You know, it takes a lot of the effort out of it for you. You can actually, still wear your mittens or gloves and actually button your helmet up which is kind of incredible, I mean, and everything down to the our design of...you can put your earphones in so you don't have to the... use, you know, the standard market one that comes with the helmet. You actually have the option of putting you know, different speakers in there so you can have, sort of whatever quality speakers you want. Perfect.


So, that's the Effect from Pret. Kind of their high-end helmet in their line. Huge fan of this helmet, really lightweight. Again, easy buckle to use. Great venting. You can check it out on skis.com and snowboards.com. Josh, thanks for joining us. Thank you. And thank you for joining us.