2016 K2 Kat Boa Girls Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey there, welcome to the Morning Shred, brought to you by snowboards.com. I'm Jenna, this is Smooches from K2 and this is the K2 Kat boot. So, this is obviously for little girls, right? Definitely for little girls, we've got a lot of good looks in this. Some changes this year, correct? Changes this year, yes, there is one major change this year. This year we added a full liner in there. This will be custom moldable liner with some internal J-bars for that extra hold in the heel.


This one also will have that Grow-to program so you're getting that added little bit of room out of there so mom and dad can feel good in their pocket book and know that they are going to have a boot that's going to fit a little bit longer. But the key feature on this is going to be your Boa, making it real easy for those young gals to get out there, dial in there boot and get the right tightness on there and get out and snowboard. Great, so like you said, they can get a couple years out of it with the Grows-A-Long feature and then it really is kind of harder to find a kids boot with a liner these days so getting them the warmth and the comfort of an adult boot. Definitely.


Well make sure you check out the K2 Kat boot on snowboards.com and thanks for watching the Morning Shred.