2016 Ride Rodeo Binding Overview


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Video Transcription


Hi there, welcome to the Morning Shred brought to you by snowboards.com. I'm Jenna this is Ryan from Ride and we're going to talk about the Ride Rodeo binding. Ryan, who's this binding designed for? The Rodeo is designed for that intermediate to more advanced freestyle rider. Great binding all the way around. It's got the freestyle Asym ankle strap and thing grip toe material toe cap. This material allows it to stretch over just about any toebox in the game. AstroGlyde ratchets, milled out here - took some material out, taking some weight down off the material. Wedgie footbed system 2.5 versus the spectrum and the foundation chassis that ride on a 1.5 system. This is going to run on the 2.5 system and also it's going to have a little bit more cush, taking the bruised heels out of the equation and impact out of big landings.


Great, what about the highback? Highback is going to be the Stealth highback so it's a full nylon highback as you can see you have a little bit of play here and then it goes into a solid nylon material down here for that rider that wants to put energy into that highback but also want to be able to manipulate it as well on the park. And one last thing, it does have the FlipSide, ankle strap, correct? It does have the FlipSide on the ankle strap here so this is the FlipSide right here. After it builds some memory it keeps that ankle strap from folding back in so it gives you kind of easy access you're not stepping on your ankle strap or breaking it.


Great, so really ideal binding, you said, for sort of that intermediate to advanced level freestyle guy looking for something with a little bit more adjustability than say some of the bindings below it...lots of comfort features. Yep, a lot of bells and whistles for a binding under $250. Perfect. Make sure you check out the Ride Rodeo on snowboards.com. Thanks for watching the Morning Shred.