Absinthe Films NowHere Teaser


July 20th, 2010



Absinthe released the trailer to their new movie NowHere which really looks like an amazing film. Don’t take my word for it, give yourself a break from whatever you’re doing and get amped on some great snowboarding from a laundry list of big name riders. See below, repeat if necessary.



NowHere trailer by Absinthe Films from Absinthe Films on Vimeo.


Riders include Dan Brisse, Jake Blauvelt, Gigi Rüf, Lucas Debari, Fredi Kalbermatten, Sylvain Bourbousson, Romain deMarchi, DCP, JP Solberg, Annie Boulanger, Marie-France Roy, Bjorn Leines, Taka Nakai, Tadashi Fuse, Jules Reymond, Cale Zima, Blair Habenicht, Terje Haakonsen, Bode Merrill, Wolfgang Nyvelt, Nicolas Müller