The shape of the board is directly correlated to the style of kiting you’re going to do. If you’re surfing you’ll want a directional board, freestyle will want a twin tip and mixed riding might want a hybrid board. Take some time to consider how you want to ride when deciding what shape board to buy.

Twin – Twin tip boards are built and shaped symmetrically so that riders can comfortably move forward and backwards. This allows easier landing and maneuvering during rotational tricks.

Directional – Directional boards are built for single directional movement. They are especially designed for carving, surfing and speed. A special fin setup and board design makes this the perfect board for riders looking for the biggest waves and longest runs.

Hybrid – Often called “mutant” boards, the hybrid board is a blend of twin tip and directional setup. The most popular style of board, hybrid boards meet the needs of almost all riders.