Just like with snowboards, boots vary in flex which greatly affects their performance. The stiffer something is, the more responsive it is.

Very Soft boots are the most forgiving option for a beginner rider. They are even less responsive than “soft” options, making them even easier for first time riders to gain their confidence.

Soft boots are ideal for a beginner because they are forgiving and will not react to every movement like their stiffer counterparts. Some park riders also prefer soft boots as they allow the rider different positioning and leverage over their bindings and board for various tricks.

Medium boots are slightly stiffer, providing the progressing rider a bit more response without totally sacrificing a forgiving feel as they continue to explore their riding style.

Stiff boots will respond quickly to movements made by the rider with very little energy lost. These boots are ideal for hard charging aggressive riders who tend to find themselves riding at higher speeds. A beginner will find a boots that’s too stiff hard to flex and control therefore sending the wrong signals to their board.

Very Stiff boots are the most responsive, aggressive boots out there designed to be ridden by advanced riders looking for top performance. They tend to hit the highest price points and are not intended to be ridden by riders still progressing their abilities.