Snowboards have what is called camber, rocker, or various hybrids of the two.

Camber means that when placed on the ground the board arches slightly upward with the middle of the board raised slightly off the ground. Camber gives you pop, response and performance from your board.

Flat boards generally have a long flat section for stability, with the contact points raised off the snow for a catch free feel. They’re less playful than rockered boards, but often provide more stability and response.

Flat with Rocker profiles have a long stable flat section, but an increased rocker in the tip and the tail of the board, allowing the board to maintain much of its float and playfulness while increasing its response.

Rocker means that when placed on the ground the ends of the board arch up from tip to tail while the middle touches the ground. Rocker makes the board float and can make it more playful and forgiving.

Rocker with Camber profiles provide riders with the ultimate control, pop and power of camber, while creating a more versatile board that’s able to float in deep snow and have a looser, more playful catch free feel as well.