Fit is all about the shape of the pants. The fit you prefer will depend on the style and look you prefer.

Slim fit pants offer a form fit designed to be snug from the thigh to the calf. If you are looking for a sleek and shapely fit, slim fit is for you.

Slim/Regular fit pants are a happy-medium keeping with the trends without being tight. These pants have a snug fit, are slightly tailored and are comfortable without being constricting.

Regular cut pants offer a traditional fit. If you are looking for a shapely fit that isn’t tight or constricting, that also provides a classic style, regular fit is for you.

Regular/Loose fit pants give you plenty of room for layering without that overly baggy look. When you want mobility and a little more room, the regular/loose fit pants are a great option.

Loose fit pants will offer more room in the hips and thighs than regular fit pants. If you are looking for a baggy style, loose fit is for you.