World Snowboard Day Back Again!


By Chris Gorski




World snowboard day is back again for the 8th year in a row. The day, which celebrates all things snowboarding, will often offer special deals on lift tickets with organized events all over celebrating the great sport of snowboarding we all love. Look for events in your area


World Snowboard Day 2013


So, what did you do for World Snowboard Day? Were you able to get out and enjoy some shredding to celebrate? A couple of us in the office were out getting some fresh turns and making the most of World Snowboard Day, but that kind of makes sense, right? We are snowboarders so when there is a day specifically made for us to enjoy our sport we tend to be busy out enjoying snowboarding. So, I’d like to think we actually celebrated in the best way possible!


So, what did you do for World Snowboard Day? We want to know so go ahead and sign off on our Facebook page and share with us some pictures or stories from your day!


World Snowboard Day 2012