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You've most likely seen wide board either on this site or at the store but do you know what they are for? This video delves into the reason these wide snowboards exist.
Check out a video defining the various types of snowboard shapes available. Here you will learn what types of snowboard shapes are built for what type of snowboarding.
Properly fit snowboard boots will offer more control, comfort and performance. This video will go into detail on how to properly fit a pair of snowboard boots.
Jenna goes over the differences between a men's and a women's snowboard binding and how it is important to purchase the correct bindings for you.
Snowboard pants must offer many features to make them function for snowboarding. Here in this video Thom goes into the technical features found on snowboard pants.
If you are shopping for snowboarding long underwear or base layers this video will help you determine what style of long underwear or base layer will work best for you.
Here, Brigitte covers the basics of base layers worn for snowboarding and the importance of these base layers to ensure warmth and comfort while snowboarding.
There are various styles and types of snowboard helmets. Here in this Video Kevin goes into detail about the different snowboard helmet styles on
A properly sized snowboard helmet is a safer helmet. Here in this video we will go over the proper steps to ensure a great and safe fit in your new snowboard helmet.
In this video we will learn the difference between an in-mold Giro style helmet and a hard shell style Giro helmet while exploring benefits of each style.
This video offers insight in audio snowboard helmets including a look at how they work and what styles and companies these audio helmets are available from.
Use this video which offers an easy to use Anon lens visualization which shows different lenses on Anon goggles for different conditions.
This video from One Ball Jay covers the basics of correctly waxing a snowboard for the best ride out on the mountain.
Ever wonder what makes the difference up between a women's snowboard and a men's snowboard? Here Jenna covers the differences between men's and women's snowboards.
Sizing a snowboard correctly can be an art form and will impact your ride on the mountain. In this video Jenna goes over the proper procedure for sizing a snowboard.
In this video Jenna explores common terms in snowboarding and features of snowboards to give a better understanding of lingo and board specifications.