Rome Snowboard Bindings

Rome snowboard bindings offer great performance, and are truly designed by snowboarders for snowboarders. Founded in 2001, Rome started out as a vision by Josh Reid and Paul Maravetz as a true snowboarding company pushing past the mediocre products they were seeing at the time. When you strap into a pair of Rome snowboard bindings you can feel the technology and hard work that goes into each and every Rome product. stocks a great selection of Rome snowboard bindings for various styles of boarding and for all skill levels...Read More


One of the first selections you’ll make when choosing a new pair of Rome snowboard bindings is the binding’s ability level. Starting at beginner and going all the way up to expert, you’ll find Rome bindings fit for any ability level. You will want to choose a binding based on your overall ability level, or the ability level which you are looking to advanced to. Beginner Rome snowboard bindings are going to offer a more easygoing design with a lighter flex, and as the bindings go up in skill level they will become stiffer to deliver more performance for a more demanding rider.

Another big difference in Rome snowboard bindings is the binding’s “best use” classification. Just like there are different boards for different types of snowboarding, there are also different bindings including all mountain, all mountain freestyle, and freestyle. All mountain Rome snowboard bindings are going to be best for general cruising and carving all over the mountain. Freestyle Rome snowboard bindings are going to offer a design more suitable for doing tricks in the park. An all mountain freestyle Rome binding will offer design elements from each style making it a great choice for someone boarding a bit all mountain and in the snowboard park.

To make it easier to shop all the different models of Rome snowboard bindings, offers a wide array of product refinements. These refinements are found on the left side of the page and will alter the Rome bindings shown to you when selected. For example; if you choose freestyle from the best use refinement, the page will refresh and show you only freestyle Rome snowboard bindings. You can also use multiple refinements at once, simply make your first selection and once the page refreshes to show your first choice, you can then make a second selection, and so on.

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