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20 Signs You Snowboard


March 21st, 2011



Wasted and Broke Ramen Noodles

#1. You eat Ramen Noodles, all the time, whether cooked or straight out of the package like tasty chips


PBR and Snowboarding

#2. PBR is your favorite adult beverage



No Work on Powder Days

#3. You DON'T work on Powder days



No Work, It's Snowboard Season!

#4. You may not work at all during snowboard season



Driving on Snow is Fun

#5. You feel safer driving on snow covered icy roads; dry pavement scares you



Great Goggle Tan

#6. A girl/guy with a nice goggle tan provides more excitement to you than a full body tan



Goggle Tan in License Picture

#7. You have a goggle tan in your photo ID



Snowboard DVD's and Die Hard DVD's

#8. You own 41 DVD's and 37 are snowboard DVD's. The other 4 are Die Hard, Die Hard 2, Die Hard With A Vengeance and Live Free or Die Hard



White Fury Snowboard Action Movie

#9. You own 50+ VHS' and they are all snowboard movies including "White Fury"



Snowboarders Love Mustaches

#10. You have a mustache



Snowboarders Love Beards Too

#11. Your beard scares small children and gets you discounts at truck stops



Snowboard Sweatshirts are Warmer Than Naked

#12. You own hooded sweatshirts that are definitely warmer and more technical than most peoples winter jacket



Liftee's get Around

#13. Your résumé looks like a directory listing resorts around your hometown



Snowboarders get Mad at Handrails

#14. You've punched a handrail out of pure anger with it



Cheap Snowboarders Living off Dollar Menu

#15. You know singlehandedly how to get the most food for your money at any fast food joint in your town



This Subaru Will Eat Ferraris in the Snow

#16. To you a Subaru trumps a Ferrari



Frigid Cold and Dumping Snow, Yes Please!

#17. Weather reports that make most people cringe get you excited and scrambling to grab all your snowboarding gear



Snowboarding Playlist

#18. You have a playlist entitled "shred" or "schralp" or some variation of these words



Summer Rail Jam

#19. You've filled a truck bed full of "snow" from an ice rink to make a summer rail jam



Passed Out Snowboarders

#20. You can and will sleep anywhere....



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