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2012 K2 Happy Hour Snowboard Review

Reviewed by Jenna ( Staff)

Read the Review Transcript:
Hi I'm Jenna I just got off the K2 Happy Hour new board for K2 this year this is the Darkstar meaning its got flatlines so its completely flat on the bottom no camber or rocker which makes for a really stable platform if you're into doing boxes and rails stuff like that it actually isn't the best board to be riding really fast or really aggressive you do get a little bit of chatter at higher speeds but it is still a board you can take everywhere else on the mountain outside of the park and still be able to ride a little bit cool design you got a little bit of a point in the tale and the tip it's actually cosmetic so it's not going to do anything but make the board look cool but again this is just a great board for your more aggressive park rider your guy who's maybe hitting some bigger jumps and really want something that can hold up at medium speeds when approaching the jump or something like that

 Our Price: $299.99 | Retail Value: $459.95 (Save 35%) Jenna's Review Rating:  
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