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2012 K2 Slayblade Wide Snowboard Review

Reviewed by Jenna ( Staff)

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Hi I'm Jenna I just got off The K2 Slayblade awesome board I gave it five out of five stars it's definitely your board for your advanced aggressive guy to really does carve hard and fast it's got K2's flat line so is just completely flat between the bindings no camber or anything what that does is it just gives you a very very stable platform you can just fly on this thing and you don't feel any vibration any chatter the main reason is because it actually has what K2 calls harsh mellow under the bindings so there's a little bit of padding that really absorbs that that shock absorbs that vibration is a super fun board definitely not for your entry to mid-level rider who's not looking for something stiff and something a little bit demanding of them but again an awesome board for that aggressive guy who really likes to get down low and really carve hard

 Our Price: $379.95 | Retail Value: $549.95 (Save 31%) Jenna's Review Rating: