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2012 Ride Promise Snowboard Review

Reviewed by Jenna ( Staff)

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Hi I'm Jenna and I just got off the Ride promise I would give this board 3/5 stars its really more your board for your solid intermediate level riders great little board to kind of go everywhere on the mountain it's pretty soft but because of the slimewalls it still holds its edge it still dampens some of that vibration it's not really your board for your aggressive girl who really wants to go out there and carve a little bit harder because you do start to feel a little bit of vibrations after a little while but really a great easy to ride board for somebody who's just looking to kind of cruise and maybe get you can take into the park a little bit it's got a little but a pop in the nose and tail but again just real easy to ride and you've got flat between the bindings and rocker in the tip and the tail so it makes it for just a playful fun little board

 Our Price: $199.94 | Retail Value: $399.95 (Save 50%) Jenna's Review Rating: