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2012 Rossignol Tesla AmpTek Snowboard Review

Reviewed by Jenna ( Staff)

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Hi I'm Jenna I just got off the Rossignol Tesla I give it 3/5 stars great board for your entry level to intermediate level girl just looking for something just very soft real flexible and just really easy to ride this has Rossignols auto turn amp tech on it so what that is is you've got this tiny area of camber and the rest is all completely rocker very very playful again super easy to ride really really catch free and a great first board for someone just looking to get on something they can take all over the mountain you can do a little bit of jibbing with it as well just because it's real soft real springy but definitely not the board to take in a little bit higher speeds you'll definitely start to feel the chatter it's not a real aggressive board so I've got to give this board 3/5 stars it's an awesome board for the entry-level and mid-level girl just looking for something easy to ride

 Our Price: $149.95 | Retail Value: $299.95 (Save 50%) Jenna's Review Rating: