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2013 Burton Custom Flying V Snowboard Review

Reviewed by Dave ( Staff)

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Hi Dave here. I just got off the 2013 Burton Custom Flying V in a 158 size. I'm going to give this board 4 stars out of 5 for an all mountain performer. Really good for anybody who's intermediate and above. I say that just because the V Rocker is really pronounced on this board and when you're flat basing it, it does tend to get a little bit squirrley. Other than that it handles really well. It's got a good weight to it. It's got real good pop so you can jump pretty good and the edge hold on the Burtons is really good too so you can carve. This one holds a carve pretty well, even aggressive carves. It's not gonna be super good at real high speeds but it's a pretty versatile all mountain board and 4 stars out of 5.

 Our Price: $349.99 | Retail Value: $529.99 (Save 34%) Dave's Review Rating: