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2013 Burton Lip-Stick Snowboard Review

Reviewed by Jenna ( Staff)

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Hi I'm Jenna I just got off the Burton Lipstick. I give this board 3 out 5 stars. It's not a bad board by any means, but it kind of falls into an interesting range. It's sort of your board for your aggressive advanced level park girl. You can still take it everywhere else on the mountain but it's not going to hold an edge nearly as well as something like the feel good would. If you're more of a charger more looking for something a little bit more responsive. Something that you can really cruise hard on, then the feel good would probably be a better choice. This is going to be your board that excellerates a little bit more in the park, but it's not your super soft noodle board either. It's kind of a mid flexing board It has Burtons Flying V on it, so you've got camber underneath the binding but rock in the middle. One thing when you get on this board for the first time, it might take you a little bit to get use to the V Rocker between the bindings It might feel like your back foot's starting to kind of wash out, but once you adjust to it you really can take it everywhere else on the mountain and hold it well at moderate speeds. Again great board for your intermediate to advacned level park girl who still wants to be able to take it and cruise lightly around the rest of the mountain.

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