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2013 Gnu Riders Choice C2PBTX Snowboard Review

Reviewed by Dave ( Staff)

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Dave here, I just got done riding a 157 in a half. It's a new Riders Choice. It's a full Banana Rocker so it's got a little bit of a playful feel. Still a pretty solid all around board. It handeled speed really well, laid a good edge. So you can take it pretty much anywhere on the mountain. Wouldn't really call it a jib board, you could do a little bit of that if you wanted to but definitely more geared towards the all mountain rider. It's going to look for high speeds and hit some natural features. Super fun board to ride around on and I'd give it a 4.5 stars out of 5.

 Our Price: $369.95 | Retail Value: $539.99 (Save 31%) Dave's Review Rating: