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2013 K2 Eco Lite Snowboard Review

Reviewed by Jenna ( Staff)

Read the Review Transcript:
Hi I'm Jenna, I just got of the K2 Eco Lite. I give this board 5 out of 5 stars. it's by far still one of my favorite boards to ride on. It's an awesome board for your intermediate to advanced level girl just looking for a high performance board I get out on this and I feel like I can just carve real fast, real hard on it. It is actually rockered but you still have that stability and that edge hold. It's very responsive very poppy so it realy just pops me in and out of turns but the cool thing about this board is I felt like it've very versatile. So the one update this they did gives this board tweak ends so what it feels like is you've got this long kind of flat extended nose and tail so you can really get up on end if you want to do butters, presses, stuff like that it allows you to do that and it felt really great so again awesome board for your intermediate to advanced level girl. If an intermediate girl gets on it, it's going to take to that next level.

 Our Price: $299.95 | Retail Value: $479.95 (Save 38%) Jenna's Review Rating: