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2013 Ride Baretta Snowboard Review

Reviewed by Jenna ( Staff)

Read the Review Transcript:
Hi, I'm Jenna I just got off the Ride Baretta. I give this board 4/5 stars. This boards pretty cool, its a new board in the line, cause its actually a wide board for women. A lot of girls are finding themselves needed to ride a men's board to get that extra width, this is a board for you. I was surprised, cause I don't need a wide board myself. I'm in a size 7 boot, this would be something you'd want to ride, if your in a 9, or 10, or even an 11 women's boot. The board its self is a great mid-level all mountain board. It was very easy to ride, very stable, there's some carbon in it, so you can take it a little bit faster, and your still gonna get that response. Still its very easy to ride, and you could get a girl on it that maybe has only ridden a season or two. Looking for that extra width, and wants something that she can progress on.

 Our Price: $279.90 | Retail Value: $399.99 (Save 30%) Jenna's Review Rating: