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2013 Ride OMG Snowboard Review

Reviewed by Jenna ( Staff)

Read the Review Transcript:
Hey, I'm Jenna, I just got off the Ride OMG I give this board 4/5 stars. Its a awesome board for your aggressive freestyle girl, but you could take it as an intermediate level girl. You could take it anywhere else on the mountain, and still gonna perform pretty well. Its got Ride Slimewalls on it, so it really dampened the chatter. I could take it up to higher speeds then I expected, and it still was real responsive, damp feeling because its hybrid twin. It actually has way more response now, which is great. Again, if your looking for that real poppy, little snappy freestyle deck. If you wanna take it everywhere else, thats a great board for your intermediate, to advanced level park girl.

 Our Price: $269.95 | Retail Value: $449.99 (Save 40%) Jenna's Review Rating: