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2013 Ride OMG Snowboard Review

Reviewed by Natalie ( Staff)

Read the Review Transcript:
Hi, my Names Natalie, I just got done riding the Ride OMG, Oh My God. I really like this board, I give it a 5/5 stars. Its a hybrid, so its got a little bit of camber in it. It also has Pop Rod's, and a Carbon array, which I thought was really nice. Gave it a lot of pop, and really good response. I also really like the slim walls, they really helped absorb the shock a little bit, when your turning into those edges. So I really enjoyed that, all around good board. I think its more of a intermediate to advanced level board, I really liked it, its a lot of fun.

 Our Price: $269.95 | Retail Value: $449.99 (Save 40%) Natalie's Review Rating: