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2013 Snowboard Gear | New Tech in Boards, Boots and Bindings


As the 2012-2013 snowboard season comes upon us you may find yourself going over your snowboard gear thinking you need a new one of those, a new set of these or maybe you don’t need but want some things. Snowboard gear is an ever changing scene and this season offers more new designs from brands like Burton, Ride and Flow. The new technology in snowboarding covers all the bases with new tech in snowboards, boots, and bindings for men, women and groms. Here we are going over a few pieces of our favorite new 2013 snowboard gear.


New Burton Snowboard Boots Speed Dial


Now Burton is offering a brand new technology for them; a speed dial to quickly tighten and loosen their snowboard boots. Similar to existing technology there are some main differences that make the new Burton technology fresh. The speed dial works with a rope system that is said to be 2x stronger than anything else offered on the market and can be loosened and tightened with pinpoint accuracy.

Burton Speed Dial


What makes it fresh and new snowboard technology?.


This new technology offers the ability to tighten and loosen the snowboard boots by simply turning the dial one way to tighten and the opposite way to loosen. This is different than existing technology which you must pull out and essentially loosen entirely. The Burton speed dial makes it easier to get the exact fit you want by a couple simple turns of the dial.


The Verdict


Yup, its new technology for Burton but it’s not too much different than what you can get on a lot of other snowboard boot models out there. If you like a Burton snowboard boot fit and this technology go for it but don’t just buy the boot to get the technology; there are other options offering a similar closure system.

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New Wider Women’s Snowboard Thanks to Ride’s Right Sized Tech


Size 8 has always been a bit of a dirty word when it came to women’s snowboard boot sizes. Now, why would this be? Well, on most women’s snowboards they are narrower through where the bindings go so anything size 8 or bigger will cause issue with toe drag. The new Ride Baretta snowboard is slightly wider to accommodate a slightly larger women’s boot size.

Ride Right Sized Series


What makes it fresh and new snowboard technology?


The common remedies for a women’s snowboard boot size of 8 or above would be to duck out the stance a bit or in worst case scenarios going with a men’s board, yuck! Ride has righted the ship with their new Right Sized Ride Baretta snowboard. The new Right Sized Ride Baretta offers a design that is slightly wider making it capable of fitting a women’s snowboard boot size of 8+ with no issue. This is new and fresh for all the women that want a women’s specific snowboard but they have a size 8 or bigger boot.


The Verdict


The most common boot size in women’s snowboard boots was a size 6 but has since grown so we say this is a good move by Ride. The wider women’s board may not be necessary for all but for the women that need it this could be a game changer. It’s also available up to sizes 154 to 157 so no matter your size you can get a women’s snowboard under you and performing correctly.

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New Burton Nug Raduction Allows Boarders to Board Shorter Length Snowboards


There seems to be more and more people messing around in the park or linking turns in the trees. Burton is now offering a new technology, nug raduction, which allows the user to board a snowboard 8-10cm shorter in length. Burton takes every element into consideration including the waist width, flex, sidecut and running length to allow a drop in size but not in performance.

Burton Nug Raduction Technology


What makes it fresh and new snowboard technology?


With so many boarders spending the majority of their time in the park pushing boundaries or getting some turns in within the trees the need for more control and response is huge. This new nug raduction tech from Burton allows users to drop the board size making the board livelier and easier to spin and throw around.


The Verdict


It’s tested and true; we gave this technology a fair shake at a demo and enjoyed it immensely. With the ability to downgrade the size your not going to be straight bombing any runs but that’s not who this snowboard is for. Get a nug raduction snowboard if you spend a lot of time in the park and want more control and the easier ability to spin.

Shop Burton Nug Raduction Snowboards


Flow Bindings Offer NEW Hybrid Powercap Strap


There is actually a ton of new technology coming your way from Flow bindings this year but we really want to emphasize their new hybrid powercap strap. Flow has always kept a closet full of haters who see their snowboard bindings as a glamorized step in but this new technology may have them humming a new tune, ok, probably not because haters are going to hate but it’s a definite step up for Flow.

Flow Hybrid Power Strap


What makes it fresh and new snowboard technology?


The new hybrid powercap by Flow offers the ease of getting into a traditional Flow SpeedEntry with the performance and stability of a more standard front toe strap. This new front toe strap is a more standalone style strap that you would find on most standard strap snowboard bindings. This gives you the ease of the Flow SpeedEntry which love it or hate it is pretty damn effective while also getting the performance of a standalone front strap.


The Verdict


We dig it! Even for the Flow haters that tested it liked it over the traditional Flow binding design. You feel more control and a feeling of being strapped into a traditional binding but you’re the first one clicked in ready to go off the chair. Overall we think if you are going with a Flow snowboard binding it will be worth it to get a model featuring the hybrid powercap strap.


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