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2014 Beginner Snowboards – New Tech for Progressive Snowboarding


By Chris Gorski




The beginner and intermediate level of snowboarding is a very large section of the snowboarding market which means there are plenty of boards to choose from. This year is no exception boasting great offerings from Burton, Rome, Gnu, Capita and more. A good beginner and intermediate snowboard is one that helps boarders build confidence and move their snowboarding in a progressive direction. These snowboards need to build confidence and ensure that they bolster a fun experience on the slopes which will keep these boarders on the slopes learning and not giving up.


2014 Gnu Carbon CreditGnu Carbon Credit


The Gnu Carbon Credit is built to build confidence in the board’s user and offers the ability to go all over the mountain with ease. A true twin shape aids in the ability to learn riding switch while giving users the ability to take it to the park and learn some freestyle moves. The Carbon Credit does the not easily done by offering a snowboard that is equally as fun in the East and the West and can perform in many conditions.


What’s the word?


The Gnu Carbon Credit offers an all terrain freestyle rocker with Gnu’s BTX rocker which gives riders rocker between the feet and camber in the tip and tail. This rocker set up makes this snowboard perform great all over the mountain from the hardpack to the deeper stuff. The rocker will allow the board to float a bit above the powder and the camber will hold an edge when carving on hardpack. And if you encounter icy patches the magne-traction will offer a serrated knife like cut giving you traction as if you were on regular snow. The magne-traction is a game changer and will allow the board to perform well in conditions that other boards would slide out. To keep the board low maintenance Gnu has used their co-extruded base which offers a hard and fast base that is virtually maintenance free and will still slide when you’ve forgotten your waxing duties. The Carbon Credit is available in wide as well for those with a slightly larger foot.


Who’s going to Love it?


The Gnu Carbon Credit has the ability to work well for beginner snowboarders to advanced boarders alike. With the likes of Danny Kass starting out on the Carbon Credit you know you have the ability to achieve a higher level of boarding on this snowboard. With rocker technology and a true twin tip shape you can cruise the entire mountain and take this board to the park with no issue. Truly a well rounded board we recommend this board to the riders looking to expand and grow their riding and don’t want a board they are going to outgrow in a year.


Rome Garage RockerRome Garage Rocker


The Rome Garage Rocker may become the quintessential inexpensive park board for park rats on a budget. The Garage Rocker is available from a size 148 to 159 as well as wide offerings from 151 to 160 for those with a larger foot. With this whole range of size availability nearly anyone can get the correct size in this snowboard and hit the slopes for some park laps.


What’s the word?


The Garage Rocker s just what you want it to be; an easy to maintain board with technology based around what the park boarders need. The Freepop rocker offers a flat camber and rocker combo with the flat section extended 5 cm past the insert packs (where the bindings go) which gives this board a great response and will allow for stomped landings. The rocker only living in the tip and tail of the Garage Rocker offers the ability to slay small powder stashes and have zero hang ups on rails. Oh, and if you are looking to up your buttering game the Garage Rocker is ready!



Who’s going to Love it?


Well, as we touched on above the Garage Rocker from Rome is a park maniacs ride to glory. With proper technology to make this board not only perform well but also last a long time the Garage Rocker does not disappoint and will leave enough money for lift tickets. With a slew of sizes available this board is going to be great for nearly any park rat but will want to spend most of its time in the park although can still rip all mountain once in awhile.


Burton Feather Women’s SnowboardBurton Feather


The Burton Feather is a playful and fun snowboard great for the woman slaying the entire mountain. Fitting for beginner boarders to advanced intermediate boarders the Feather is laid back but can be pushed to the limit from time to time. The Feather is a great snowboard to learn with and will allow progression from absolute beginner to intermediate with the low maintenance you’ve come to expect from a Burton snowboard. The clean artsy stripe design offers something a little trippy and different too which is always nice.


What’s the word?


With Burton’s V-Rocker the Feather offers a continuous rocker throughout the board to ensure a catch free ride which promotes playfulness and will give great float in deeper snow. The Feather is a softer board boasting a groomer friendly feel that can be taken in the park and powder on occasion. Burton’s Feather is a great board for a beginner snowboarder looking to progress her riding to the next level. The V-Rocker gives a catch free ride making learning effortless and easy on your body.


Who’s going to Love it?


The Feather is aimed at the beginner to intermediate female snowboarder that is going to spend a majority of her time on the groomed paths. A venture into the park or powder here and there will be welcomed by this board but the soft flex and laid back feel make it best for carving out the mild mannered runs on the front face of the mountain. If you are a female snowboarder that needs an easy laid back snowboard that is willing and able to see you through some progression in your boarding the Feather is here for you.


Capita HorrorscopeCapita Horrorscope


Captia didn’t have big plans for the Horrorscope when they released it as a late in season limited edition snowboard but it soon grew into their top selling board. Maybe the reason is the great influx of park and urban snowboarders or maybe it’s because this board absolutely rocks and will leave you with money in your pocket. The Horrorscope offers enough pop for expert level jibbers and is easy going enough for beginners to learn the ropes while having a board to grow their skill into.


What’s the word?


The Capita Horrorscope features the Urban FK rocker which offers a flat and level base between the bindings and reverse camber through the tip and tail. What this offers is a park slaying machine that offers a catch free ride. Although meant mostly for the park the Horrorscope can take some higher speeds from time to time and is stable at these speeds. You can also get the Horrorscope in a wide offering so if you have larger feet you are not left out in the dust. Capita has also done a lot in the manufacturing of their boards including the Horrorscope to ensure they are bomb proof and offer a 2 year manufacturer warranty.


Who’s going to love it?


The Horrorscope from Capita is going to be most at home in the park or boarding an urban environment so this board is best for park rats, jibbers and urban destroyers. With a softer flex pattern and reverse camber throughout the board you will have an easy going park machine at your feet which will feel stable and catch free giving you the ability to pull out landings you thought impossible.


Burton RipcordBurton Ripcord


Getting out of that 5 year old hand me down snowboard or rental boards has never been easier. The Burton Ripcord will offer beginner snowboarders the ability to take their skills to the next level and stay on budget. The Ripcord is a building block to bigger things and will be there to hone your skills while making it easier to board confidently with a catch free design for hard pack and rocker that will allow float in deeper snow.


What’s the word?


The Burton Ripcord is made to be easy going and is intended to boost confidence bringing riders from their current level to their next level of boarding. On the Ripcord you will find Burton’s V-Rocker which is a continuous rocker between your feet and goes through to the tip and tail. This creates a catch free playfulness and will help improve float in deeper snow giving users a catch free ride on hard pack and float in the deeper snow. The Ripcord doesn’t discriminate against big feet and is available in wide widths as well as regular.


Who’s going to love it?


Beginner snowboarders looking to move their boarding to the next level will love this board. The technology makes it easy to take around all portions of the mountain and bolsters confidence in all conditions. The price makes the Ripcord attainable which will give those renting each time they go out an extra incentive to stop paying high rental charges and get a board of their own. So, if you are a beginner snowboarder this board will give you the mojo you need but is not going to be best for those working from intermediate to advanced.


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