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2014 Burton Ambush Mens Boots Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey there. Welcome to the Morning Shred brought to you by I'm Jenna, this is Levi from Burton and we've got the Burton Ambush Boot.


Levi, who's this boot for? This boot is going to be great for your, kind of, intermediate-advanced type rider looking for something lightweight. Something that they can feel what's going on underneath their foot and just something with a few features that you don't find out there on the market too often. So, this right here is the Ambush. One of the big key features that helps set this boot apart from other boots out there is what we call Wishbone Technology and when you look at this boot straight on from the back you see there's these two lines coming up the back and what those are are actually a little carbon rods stitched in there that allow this boot to kind of bend forward but really snap back. So, it's got a ton of response, ton of support back here without having to be super bulky by adding stiff materials. That carbon just gives you the right amount of flex but good amount of snap and response.


It's only about a 5 flex, right? Right. But yet it's still one of the...err, it is the lightest boot in our line so another great feature that you get when you move all the way up to the Ambush is the Imprint 3 Liner. And when you move up to this liner you're just getting higher-end material, stuff that's really breathable. You get some memory-foam down around your achilles, down and in your ankle. And, it's just super comfortable, super breathable and this boot also has our Total Comfort Construction where we have this nice big open toe box by moving the laces up. That way you don't get a pressure point right where your toe connects to your foot and just makes it that much more comfortable right out of the box. Also, you get these little flex points here right near your ankle allowing you to have that flex forward but then that carbon gives you that support you still need and want. Really light. It's got our Dyanalite EVA Sole with B3 Gel Cushioning back here. This is what we call our EST Sole. With the way it's shaped and with the way it's quite thin and you can actually feel what's going on underneath your foot so really great intermediate-to-advanced boot. Great.


So, like you said, it gives you the performance as well as the comfort without giving you too stiff of a boot, something you can't really flex. Well, there you go. Check it out on and thanks for watching the Morning Shred.

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