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2014 Burton Chopper Youth Snowboard Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey there, welcome to the Morning Shred brought to you by I'm Jenna. I've got Levi from Burton here and we're going to talk about the Burton Chopper.


So, Levi this has been an awesome kids board for you guys for a long time. What makes it really stand out? Yeah, the Chopper is a great board for kids because it doesn't just put a piece of wood underneath their feet and expect them to just ride a normal snowboard.


This thing is built to help them learn how to snowboard and so it's got what we've got Easy Rider Tech to it which is a fully convex base so that rider can actually roll from edge-to-edge and also, if they're a little off balance, they're not going to catch their edge right away either. So, it's going to make it that much more fun and forgiving for that rider and... Not frustrating so that they actually want to progress. Yeah, they're gonna want to go out there and ride this board. It's got what we call our Flat Top construction which means its flat between the bindings with a little bit of rocker on the nose and tail as well and it's going to be a true twin too so if that kid catches on quickly and they can start learning switch or, as they're trying to figure out which direction they even ride, that you can set it up twin and they can kind of decide on their own which way is more preferable to them. Great. So, just a nice forgiving flex. Contact points kind of raised up out of the snow so that they're not getting frustrated, they can progress on it.


Something that is actually quality-wise going to last and if they want to pass it down to little brother or little sister... Yep, definitely. And compared to some other boards on the market, this even has a tip-to-tail woodcore so we're not using any foam cores in this board either. It's the normal snowboard construction. We're actually doing some core profiling to make it even thinner than even a normal snowboard so that it's nice and soft and forgiving and easy to ride and now for this year on all sizes we've got the pads underneath the feet where if the kid wants to try it out before putting bindings on it, they can just push it down in the backyard and just stand on those pads. And also new this year is every size has holes in the nose and tail so you can attach what we call our Riglet Reel which is a reel that the parent can pull the kid around in the backyard or even back to the tow rope on so... Great. so, just a really...comes in at a good price.


Really great board to kind of get the little one out there, get him started. Yep, definitely. Again, something they can pass down. The quality's there as well as the construction that will let them learn and progress. Yep. So, make sure to check out the Chopper on and thanks for watching the Morning Shred.

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