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2014 Burton Emerald Womens Boots Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey there. Welcome to the Morning Shred brought to you by I'm Jenna. I've got Levi from Burton here and we've got the Burton Emerald Boot.


Levi, it's a pretty sexy boot. Who is it for? This boot is for your intermediate female rider looking for some boot with a little bit more support to it. So, down lower in the line we've got the Mint which is a great boot. It's been one of the top selling boots in the world for a while but this is basically like it's big sister. This thing moves up to a six in support compared to three that the Mint's at so a lot more ankle support and also what that translates to is a lot more precision. So, when you're telling this boot to make you do a toe-side turn, it gets up on the toe-side a lot quicker than you would with other boots. Just because of how much support its got in there, it also makes it more responsive so... Liner in it? A little bit of an upgrade too? Yep. When you get to this boot you move to the Imprint 2 Liner which in the women's line when you move up to the Imprint 2 Liner you move into a liner that has a little pocket in the toe that we call Hot Pockets where you can actually slide in toe warmers to help keep you even warmer and it will actually come with an extra set of Little Hotties branded toe warmers. Very cool. Also, when you move up to the Imprint 2 Liner there's a Velcro closure system around the top of the ankle as well as a cuff that is in the shell that helps link the liner down in to the shell so you get even more heel hold from this liner. A little bit nicer materials and you also even get these little stretch points to accommodate for the lower calves that females typically have so... Very cool.


And then how about the outsole as well? Yep. Outsole is also an upgrade compared to the Mint. You move into this, kind of, air-filled outsole with this nice thick tread to it. Also, you get some ice spikes up in the toe and as we're talking about the toe, this boot also has what's called Total Comfort Construction and this is something Burton has come up with to make the boot just that much more comfortable right off the bat. You get away from any cramping points and so what we did was we took and moved the laces up away from the toebox here so that way there's no pressure point where your toes meet up with your foot and just made it that much more comfortable right out of the box. Great. so, really a good boot for maybe intermediate-to-advanced level girl who wants a boot that has a little bit more response to it but doesn't want too stiff of a boot. This is going to give her that added precision you were talking about. Yep. Added precision. You've got the Little Hotties feature. Little bit better handle on the speed zone even so... Lots of comfort, lots of warmth. Yep. Great.


Well make sure to check out the Emerald on and thanks for watching the Morning Shred.

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