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2014 Burton Mint Womens Boots Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey there. Welcome to the Morning Shred brought to you by I'm Jenna. I've got Levi from Burton here. We've got the Burton Mint Boot which was what, the best-selling women's boot for the last 10 years or so? Yep. Every year it falls into that category. It's no real surprise to me with like the amount of features this thing has for the price. Just a great all-around boot.


Great beginner-intermediate boot that's got the comfort you want and definitely the performance for that person that's getting out there, getting their turns dialed and also even just for progression so really great all-around boot and another great thing about this boot is the convenience system. This is Burton's system that we call Speedzone. Actually you have two pull cords here that are two different zones of comfort so you can tighten your lower zone independent from your upper zones so if you wanted your bottom laces a little tighter, your top laces a little looser, or vice-versa, it's something you can do with this system that you can't do with other systems like Boa. Which is pretty awesome, it's really easy to use, all you do is pull up on this to tighten it, back to lock it and you're good to go. You just slide these in here. And then, to get out, all you do is pull these forward, open her up just like that and you can pop right out. so, real quick and simple and easy.


This year, a big update on this boot, is the sole. We added an EVA DynoLite Sole so it lightened up this boot considerably. Really lightweight and comfortable. We use our Imprint 1 Liner which is heat-moldable so great all-around boot. Nice. Yeah, it's pretty important to get started off on good equipment that can really help you progress, that's really going to keep you warm, keep you dialed in. Just a great fitting boot. It's got Total Comfort Construction to it, right? Yep, Total Comfort Construction is this elongated toebox. The laces used to come all the way down almost to here but we realized by moving those laces up away from where your toes meet your foot, we can get rid of a cramp point that you could normally get the first couple days out on the boot. It was something really important to our founder and owner, Jake, that he really got down our boot team about, made them find a way to fix that out-of-the-box feel and just make it as comfortable as it can be right out of the box so... Great. Well make sure to check out the Burton Mint on and thanks for watching the Morning Shred.

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