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2014 Burton Mission EST Mens Binding Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey there. Welcome to the Morning Shred brought to you by I'm Jenna. I've got Levi from Burton here. And we're going to talk about the Burton Mission and Mission EST.


Levi, who's this binding really good for? This binding is great for your intermediate-to-advanced rider and even does still work for a beginning rider but it's definitely got some features built in that make it great for that intermediate-to-advanced rider. Great. Let's talk a little bit about the strap. It's kind of a good step up from the custom that it's a little more responsive, right? A little bit stiffer binding. Right, yep. You move up to a little bit stiffer base here as well as highback material so just taking that energy from your leg down into your heel and toe edge just that much quicker.


Also, as you're moving up from the custom, you're moving into this gel-filled ankle strap right here we call our Super Strap. And then, on the toe, you move into this rubberized toe cap that we call the Get A Grip Toe Strap so definitely some great steps up. This binding is going to come in a Reflex version or an EST version which you have in your hands over there. Reflex version being able to fit on 4-Hole boards, 3-Hole boards and Channel boards. It's going to flex 70% what a board would without a binding on it at all with this binding on it and that, compared to another binding out there, any other binding there... A regular disc binding. Yeah, regular disc binding, that's like 65% more flex then you'd receive underfoot than before. Then if you move all the way up to the EST binding, that moves up to 90% the flex it would without a binding on it at all. So, you're getting 85% more flex than you are with the other traditional disc bindings. Pretty much since the chassis disc just kind of comes around here and everything else is padding underfoot, right? Yep, it opens up the flex. It also takes away stress points on the outside of the binding and then with our highback here, it's pretty much zero forward lean now. We moved that a couple years and the nice thing about that is for those riders that are standing around waiting for boxes or jumps they're not being pushed forward but, say you're a pipe-rider that likes a bunch of forward lean or a guy doing a lot of carving, you can really dial this in with the living hinge, forward lean adjustment system. Cool.


Lifetime warranty on the chassis? Yep, lifetime warranty on the base as there is with every Burton binding and that thing is the real deal. I've seen some old bindings come back that somebody may have snapped going off a 100 foot jump or something but Burton has one of the best warranty departments out there so... Great. And reground materials too so you kind of got the eco-story down there. Yep, definitely. We try to do everything we can as far as that goes. Cool. All right. Well, thanks for watching. Make sure to check out the Mission and then Mission EST on and come back here, check out some more Morning Shred videos.

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