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2014 Burton Mission Smalls Youth Binding Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey there. Welcome to the Morning Shred brought to you by I'm Jenna. I've got Levi from Burton here and we're going to talk about the Burton Mission Smalls.


Levi, awesome binding for kids. A lot of the tech that you'd find in the adult bindings, right? Right. Yeah, this thing is an awesome binding for any of the little guys stepping up from their one-strap binding or even just getting into it. But the great thing about this binding is it's set up for progression. It's got features in it that will help the little ones land bigger tricks and, yeah, it just has like you said, the performance features of an adult binding but in a smaller size and a smaller price tag. The quality is there so they can pass it down over time and it's not going to fall apart after a year. Yep, and just like the adult Burton bindings, this thing has a Lifetime Warranty on the base. A couple things that set it apart from other company's bindings out there are going to be this big asymmetrical ankle strap where it's thinner on the inside, thick on the outside so that when that rider leans towards its nose or tail he's got this big area of support on the outside of his boot. It's got these quick, easy-to-use buckles we call Smooth Glide Buckles.


Also, this asymmetrical highback where on highbacks for pretty much every other company out there especially on kids bindings they just have one highback that goes straight up-and-down on both the left and right bindings, this thing is actually built asymmetrically so you've got the right binding curving up toward your body and the left binding curving up toward your body just making sure that there's that full, 100% support and comfort right there behind your foot. Great. Plenty of padding underfoot. Comes in the EST version and the disc version as well, right? Yep. This comes in the EST version for the Protest for kids and then also a regular disc version for other youth boards so... It's got the Cap Strap here that can go over the front of the toe, help push you down and back. It's also got a little bit of grip in there to help hold that in place so really awesome binding for the kids. Great for progression as well as sort of that entry level rider too, right? Right. Cool. Well, that's the Burton Mission Smalls. Make sure to check it out on and thanks for watching the Morning Shred.

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