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Black Friday Preview
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2014 Burton Rampant Mens Boots Overview


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Video Transcription


Hi there. Welcome to the Morning Shred brought to you by I'm Jenna. I've got Levi from Burton. We've got the Burton Rampant Boot.


So, Levi, couple different things going on with this boot. A lot of value for the price. Tell me about it. Yeah, this is actually one of my favorite boots in the entire line. I can pick whatever boot I want and this, often times, is the one I gravitate toward just 'cause it's a great mix of comfort and performance and awesome for a guy that's riding a lot of freestyle terrain so couple things that help set this apart from any other boot out there is going to be the fact that it's got what we call a Cross Bone Tech which, it's got an articulating cuff on the inside. And, actually, a little carbon rod stitched on the outside. So, you can flex inward where you want that flex to grab your board and tweek out any grabs or anything like that but then when you're leaning into a press or leaning into a turn you've got the support on the outside of the boot so kind of that support where you need it and... Flex where you need it too? Yep, flex where you need it so, also this boot has the Imprint 2 Liner which, compared to the Imprint 1, which is on lower end boots, it's going to actually have a cuff that links this liner down into the shell so it makes them become more of a single unit really, gives you more of a heel hold in this boot.


Also, something kind of unique to this boot is the fact that we use these webbing loops down here right at the ankle point there and the nice thing about using those webbing loops instead of these hooks is the fact that when you're running big asymmetrical ankle straps like we do on a lot of our bindings, you're not going to have your strap running into that hook so it takes away a pressure point right there. Great all-around boot. One of the lightest boots I've ever picked up. It's also got our EST Sole where in bindings it also stands for Extra Sensory Technology and basically you can get more of a feel for what's going on underneath your foot. So, really awesome boot all around. So, tell me about Man Fur and Shrinkage. Man Fur is going to be this nice, soft little fur on the top of the boot that just gives you that added little feel of nice plushness when you're putting your foot in this thing. And then also this boot has what what we call Shrinkage as well as many other boots in the Burton line. Shrinkage is basically going to minimize the footprint of this boot and yet still allow to go into smaller bindings and kind of cut down on weight so say this boot is a size nine, it actually would have the footprint of most other company's size eight just because of the way we actually shape this boot and minimize all the materials on it so... Cool. You can fit into a smaller binding like you said and...great. All right, well make sure to check out the Burton Rampant on and thanks for watching the Morning Shred.

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