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2014 Burton Scribe EST Womens Binding Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey there. Welcome to the Morning Shred brought to you by I'm Jenna. I've got Levi from Burton and we're going to talk about the Burton Scribe and Scribe EST.


So, Levi. This is for a little bit more of the intermediate-to-advanced level ladies, right? Yeah, definitely. And by that we're meaning it's got some of the more bells and whistles on it but it definitely still can work for your beginner- intermediate but definitely has some of the features built in for that advanced girl as well. Sure. So, a couple things that help set it apart from the Stiletto which is the model below it, it's going to be this Gumbo Highback here which is really flexible, allows for a lot of tweaking of grabs and stuff like that. Cool thing with the Gumbo material is, compared to some urethanes that other companies use out there on the market, Gumbo is a material that Burton found that doesn't get super stiff under cold temperatures like urethane so it will stay nice and flexible even when it's below freezing out there. Also, when you move up to the Scribe you get this super soft gel-filled Super Strap, we call it, and then you also get this Cap Strap that has a little bit of grip down under there to help hold it on the front of your boot. Also, you move up to a little bit nicer footbed here on the EST as well as the Reflex version, so... Cool, and for girls not familiar with the reason to go EST over Reflex... Yeah, definitely. EST is going to be Burton's system that mounts to a Channel board so EST stands for Extra Sensory Technology and the reason why we call it that is 'cause this binding's actually going to be able to flex underfoot and you're going to get an extra sense of what's going on underneath your foot.


And this year a huge switch that Burton did with all of our bindings is moving them all over to Reflex so Scribe is one of those that is also Reflex this year and Reflex is meant to kind of mimic that flex underfoot that you get with EST but the nice thing about it is it can go on any system be it Channel, be it 3-Hole or even 4-Hole. So, not quite as much flex underfoot as EST but definitely trying to mimic that opening up the flex pattern of the board. Great. It's harder to see on this colorway but you basically have the chassis here and here and then this is all open, right? Right. There's padding. Padding underneath the heel and also it helps save on weight as well 'cause you're getting rid of material in there and just replacing it with this lightweight foam. Great. All right well there you have it. That's the Burton Scribe and Scribe EST. Make sure to check it out on and thanks for watching the Morning Shred.

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