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Black Friday Preview
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2014 Burton Tyro Mens Boots Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey there. Welcome to the Morning Shred brought to you by I'm Jenna. I've got Levi from Burton here and we've got the Burton Tyro Boot.


Levi, who's this boot for? This boot is a great, kind of, I don't want to say beginner but beginner-intermediate and even up into an advanced boot. It kind of mixes them all together. A bit of performance, a bit of comfort and a bit of convenience so really great all-around. Something cool with this boot is the Speed Dial System that we threw on here. This is the second year for this boot having this Speed Dial system and Speed Dial is just a great convenient system that kind of takes another system out there on the market that I won't name and just kind of puts Burton's own touch on it and the nice thing with our system compared to that other system out there is that when you tighten this thing down, it is also micro-adjustable so that you can actually loosen it; say you over-tightened it a little too much. Say, maybe you're foot's bothering you a little bit you just back off that knob a little bit whereas with the other system you have to pop it all the way open, start over and re-crank the whole thing so micro-adjustment's a huge thing we wanted to do with our system and also, instead of using a metal cable, we're using this lace here that's not your average lace or anything. It's from this company called New England Ropes that does climbing ropes, shipping ropes and definitely something you can trust to be very strong and durable. Much stronger than any traditional lace and nice thing with using lace instead of metal is we don't have to put plastic over the tongue and so it takes away a possible pressure point over the top of your foot.


This boot steps up into the Imprint 2 Liner which compared to the Imprint 1 gives you a cuff on the inside of here that actually helps make your liner and your shell into a more of a single unit and so that cuff actually locks that liner down back into the heel of the boot. This boot also has a Total Comfort Construction toebox which alleviates a pressure point right where your toes connect to your foot by moving that lace up and away and also an added benefit is that it is you're not going to end up slicing your laces as easy when you're riding up the chairlift. Another great feature on this boot is going to be the EST Midsole so like in our binding, EST stands for Extra Sensory Technology, and basically we're thinning this sole down but using different cushioning systems so that you're getting an extra sense of what's going on underneath your foot and you can really get that flex and feel and get more in tune with your set up. Cool. So, it really takes a guy who's maybe looking at a boot like the Jet and kind of gives you a little bit more performance out of the boot while giving you that convenience as well, right? Yep. You're absolutely correct. Good for the beginner guy to intermediate level guy on up, right? Yep. Definitely. Cool. Well there you go, check out the Burton Tyro on and thanks for watching the Morning Shred.

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