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2014 Burton Zipline Youth Boots Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey there. Welcome to the Morning Shred brought to you by I'm Jenna. I've got Levi from Burton here and we're going to talk about the Burton Zipline.


Levi, this has been a really popular boot I know for us, second year you guys have done Speed Dial on it, right? Yep. This is our youth boot that kind of has the performance of an adult boot built into a smaller version and being a youth boot one thing kids are always trying to have their parents tie their boots. This thing, getting this Speed Dial updated a couple of years ago has made it awesome for parents and kids because that kid can get this boot on and off easily by themselves and one thing that makes that possible is this big knob here on the front and it's just really easy for them to get their hands around and tighten and loosen this thing super easily. So, they get their foot in here, they just spin this to tigthten it as tight as they want and when they want to get out all they have to do is pull up on this cord right here or, if you just want to loosen it a little and take a little bit of the pressure off, you can just back off. And nice thing with this Speed Dial compared to other Boa systems out there is the fact that you can actually micro-adjust so you can tighten it and loosen it a little bit without popping and having to start over like the Boa system. And also with our system is we don't actually use a metal cable instead we use this super durable, it's kind of like the cable you find in like a parachute cord, and because we're using this cord instead of a cable we don't have to put plastic reinforcements over the boots so you lose any pressure points that you might get from those plastic points and this boot even has a removable liner which is pretty awesome in a youth boot as well as this DynoLite EVA Sole. So, really lightweight, lots of tech features all in this little price and package here so...


So, great boot for the entry-level kid all the way up to the more experienced level kid that just wants something that's going to be want warm. The parent wants something durable, something they can pass down to maybe a little brother after they're done? Yep. And it's going to help them progress, right? Yep and even a heat-moldable liner in this thing so... Very cool. Well, great. Well, make sure to check out the Burton Zipline on Thanks for watching the Morning Shred.

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