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2014 K2 Cinch CTS Binding Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey there. Welcome to the Morning Shred brought to you by I'm Jenna. This is AJ from K2 and we're going to talk about the K2 Cinch CTS Binding. AJ, who's this binding designed for? The CTS is really more for your strong intermediate to advanced all-mountain but all-mountain freestyle kind of aspect rider. It's good at just kind of shredding the whole mountain, hard pack snow, a little bit deeper snow days but also it's still really comfortable. Good flex for a kid that's out riding park as well. And it's a cinch binding obviously so let's go through the convenience factor here. It is. So the Cinch System is meant to add as much convenience while not sacrificing any performance so the idea with Cinch is just to get in-and-out of your bindings easier and not actually have to use your ratchets every time so your highback system actually drops down by pulling on this lever here. You pretty much just open the chassis up, your foot slides out really easy, your foot slides back in extremely easy. To lock back in, you pretty much just pulling up on this strap, you lock yourself back in. Never have to worry about adjusting your straps. It's pretty much once you set up the first time, it's all about just using your highback to adjust them.


And this is a step up from the CTC. What kind of makes it that step up? A couple features that step this up from the CTC model, are going to have one thing that's called Harshmellow and Harshmellow is K2's patented dampening system in the footbed of the binding so at the heel and towards the front of the toes you have that Harshmellow. What it's going to do is on for a kid who's riding park on bigger landings, it's going to take all that initial shock out of the foot as well as the knees and ankles and then more for your hard park, all-mountain rider, just kind of ice and speed bumps and chatter like that, it helps take all that away. Okay. And it's got an asymmetrical highback as well, right? Yep, so asymmetrical highback, gonna give you better shape, better fit to the highback of your boot as well as something else that's nice about this footbed that we didn't discuss yet is it has canted footbeds meaning that the footbed naturally drops down at a 3 degree angle so that's going give you a little bit better athletic standpoint so your hips and your knees align better just because they naturally pro-nate inwards just from our natural structure so it make you a little bit more comfortable. It gives you a little bit better energy throughout the day but also for your park kid, loads up a little more energy on the outside of your feet so when you go ollie you have more pressure to pop off of. Fair to say it's got a little bit beefier of a ankle strap as well? Yep. A little bit beefier ankle strap. Has more padding inside. Just going to be a little bit more comfortable. Adds more support. Great. So all around solid binding for the intermediate level rider looking for some convenience. Probably get an advanced beginner on there as well, still fairly soft flexing. Yep, exactly. If you're an advanced beginner and you're kind of on a budget you can still absolutely get on the CTS and, you know, not worry about any performance, you know, lacking. Great.


Well, there you go. Make sure to check out the Cinch CTS on and thanks for watching the Morning Shred.

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