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2014 K2 Cinch CTX Binding Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey there. Welcome to the Morning Shred brought to you by I'm Jenna. This is AJ from K2 and we're going to about the K2 Cinch CTX Binding.


AJ, the most advanced Cinch binding in the line, right? Yeah, so the CTX is going to jump up astronomically from the other 2 models. And it's going to be for your really aggressive, all-mountain kind of freeride type of guy. You can still ride park with it a little bit but it's definitely a much more rigid chassis. It's, the flex pattern is a lot of stiffer so it really still drives more toward that all-mountain freeride kind of guy. Okay. Some of the things that, you know, beef it up aside from the actual chassis being stiffer, we go to our Airlock Highback and that's going to make the binding itself much lighter but it actually has core stringers inside so it gives it a stronger torsional flex... Stiffer, okay. ...while being lighter. Um, you stick with the canted footbeds, same as we had in the CTS model and it's going to be 3 degrees which allows your knees and your hips to, kind of, line up more naturally and then as well we'll also have the Harshmellow and that's going to be K2's patented dampening system so for the guy that's riding kind of big mountain, gets speed chatters or drops a couple cliffs and has harder packed snow riding, it's just going to absorb a lot of that shock and that chatter so you don't take as much to the knees and the ankles.


So, it's the guy who wants the convenience but doesn't want to, you know, he still wants the performance... Absolutely. ...from a good solid binding. For sure. And that convenience is still there so the Cinch is going to operate the same across all 3 models so that convenience factor is just going to be you set your straps the very first time and you get your highback and you pull it open. Just very easy to slide your foot in, slide your foot out, you don't have to mess with your ratchets every single time. Great. And the ankle strap cored out too to save on a little bit of weight, right? Yep, so a little bit of weight reduction there in the thin cored Caddi Straps so it's going to be a cored out version, you can see actually through the strap, there's a lot of just pulls outs from it so it makes it a little bit lighter but still has very strong comfortable strap. Well, there you go. The CTX is a great binding for that advanced level rider looking for a binding where he gets some convenience factors but also still has the performance that he needs so check it out on and thanks for watching the Morning Shred.

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