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2014 K2 Cinch Tryst Binding Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey there. Welcome to the Morning Shred brought to you by I'm Jenna. This is AJ from K2 and we're going to talk about the K2 Cinch Tryst Binding.


AJ, this is the women's Cinch binding, right? Yep. So, tell us a little bit about it. The Tryst, it's going to be kind of driven towards that just strong intermediate to even still like a light advanced kind of all-mountain freeride, little bit of freestyle kind of girl. It's going to have the C2 Chassis which is just going to be a nice rigid chassis that's going to really perform well on hard pack snow, tougher conditions, you know, still great for when you're out on deep powder days and it still has enough flex to go ride park but it's not your straight up, you know, feel for park. It's just a little bit if you like to play in there a little bit is where you kinda go with it. So, binding that really you can just progress on. Get a little bit stronger rider. Yep. So, couple things that kind of help with that are going to be a couple of features that we have that are Harshmellow which is patented dampening system so, in the footbed of the binding, it's going to take out a lot of shock and absorption throughout the day so speed chatters or if you, you know, get in the park and you go on a bigger jump, the bigger landing's going to suck up all that initial energy so it keeps your ankles, your knees a little bit shock free so it keeps you a little bit safer but it gives you a little bit more energy throughout the day.


Great, and canted footbeds as well. Yes so footbeds are canted meaning it's going to cant inwards 3 degrees and what we're trying to do with that is it just makes it a little bit more comfortable and athletic really as a standpoint so your knees and your ankles line up better for your female rider. And the convenience factor, obviously, is a big thing, right? Yeah, and that's one of the greatest thing about the binding is, you know, you have all this performance but you get tons of convenience for it so the Cinch system, what it's going to do is it allows you to get in and out of the binding quicker without actually having to use your ratchet straps each time so the highback itself has got a one-cord pull system and the highback drops down, the whole chassis opens up so it's very easy to slide your foot in, slide your foot out and in one fluid movement you can just pull the strap right back up and you're locked and good to go. So, it's designed for more of the intermediate maybe advanced level rider, can you get a beginner rider on it? Maybe a strong athletic beginner? You can. You can definitely still put a beginner on it. It's going to be a little bit stiffer so a lot of times the, you know, early entry-level rider wants a little bit softer just have better range of motion. You can still do that here, it's just going to be for someone who you might want to focus on if you're an athletic person... Somebody who wants to progress and knows that they're going to take advantage of the performance that it has to offer down the road. Yes, that's exactly right.


Well, there you go. Great binding for your intermediate, maybe advanced intermediate level girl who is looking for a lot of convenience but also a lot of performance so make sure to check out the Cinch Tryst on Thanks for watching the Morning Shred.

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