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2014 K2 Darko Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey there. Welcome to the Morning Shred. I'm Jenna. This is Coda. That's AJ over there from K2 and we're going to talk about the K2 Darko


So, AJ, this is an awesome boot for kind of that advanced guy looking to do some freestyle riding. Tell us a little bit about it. The Darko, yes, is going to be our strong advanced kind of freestyle rider. There's a ton of features in this and this is our team boot - pretty much most of the guys on the team are riding this boot. So, some of the key features that set you up with it are the fit features you get and one of the patented system is called the Boa Conda and this Boa that you see on the outside here it actually functions the interior lacing system so what we have is a stringer that runs from the insider heel over the forefront of the boot and then around to the outside of the heel so when you tighten that Boa down, it pulls your foot down and it draws your heel all the way back so you have an incredible fit and it's really athletic feeling inside. And then you still have a normal traditional lace-up on the front as well? Yeah, so the reason to go with the lace there is it just gives you that option to really customize kind of like you would with your skate shoe or anything like that where some kids like it a little bit looser down towards the toes and a little bit tighter up towards the cuff so it just gives you that ease of, you know, kind of customization, how you really want the boot to fit. All right. Cool. And then tell us a little bit about just the flex of the boot overall. Flex on this is going to be a 6 out of 10 so it's a little bit stiffer than the last two boots we talked about but a good six is a good standpoint for most freestyle, you know, park riders. You want to have good rigidity but still be able to, you know, get good flex and for a lot of presses or tweaking any grabs. So the flex is 6 out of 10.


When we talk about kind of a few of the other features that really give performance in terms of, you know, park riding, we have our Grip Lite Sole which is going to be a lighter component than we've had in years previous so it lightens the boot up and then we also have Harshmellow inside at the heels as well as up towards the toes... You can kind of see it a little bit. Yeah, so you can see with the neon green, the Harshmellow's going to be our patented dampening system so for any kid that's out riding urban or riding kind of bigger jumps when you hit a big landing, that initial shock is kind of taken away from the Harshmellow so your knees and your ankles feel better throughout the day. Same thing for kids that are, you know, trying to film some urban stuff and they're hitting some wall rides or anything like that where you have big drops to kind of shallow landings, it's going to take all that shock away from your knees and ankles so it just really keeps you a little bit safer but it adds, you know, it gives you a little bit more energy throughout the day to keep riding too. And then how about the liner. So, the liner is going to be Intuition Control and it's going to be our kind of high end liner that is going to be heat moldable, has extra J Bars along the ankles to give more support, you can adjust those as well to create a more true fit for your actual shape of foot. So, heat moldable and again if you don't want to heat mold it, if you don't have time to, you know, do it at your local shop, you know, you can just go ahead and let it ride itself in and it will mold itself up. Break in, okay. Great, so really the Darko is just an awesome boot for an advanced level guy who's looking for something with a lot of performance, wants to take it into the park but still wants a little bit of response out of his boot, doesn't want something super soft. Sure. Um, yeah.


That's pretty much it. It kind of nails all that into one. Great. Well, make sure to check out the Darko on Thanks for watching the Morning Shred.

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