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2014 K2 Kat and Vandal Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey there. Welcome to the Morning Shred brought to you by I'm Jenna. This is Coda and that's AJ from K2.


We're going to talk about the K2 Kat and the K2 Vandal Boot. So, AJ, these are great boots for kids. Tell us a little bit about them. Yeah, so the Vandal and the Kat are going to be kind of your youth boots for the rider that just hasn't fully gotten to the adult size yet but has outgrown, you know, the entry level full-on kids like grom boots. Sure. So, the great thing about this is they're really warm, they're really comfortable and they have a lot of support for your kid that's just getting started riding. It has a lot of range-of-motion meaning it flexes forward very easily but has strong lateral ankle supports so you're not over-flexing from side-to-side. And the huge thing is that they can do them themselves, right? They can lace these up themselves. Absolutely, so one of the greatest things is, yeah, the kids can easily adjust the fit to feel as you know tight or loose as they would like it too by the Boa feature. So we use the Boa feature on the kid's boots which just makes it really efficient, easy to tighten the boot up and down. Has a lifetime warranty on it which is great for mom and dad so they can know the kids are out there banging up their equipment but it's got a lifetime warranty and it's a product that's really going to last a long time.


Awesome, and it grows with them a little bit too, doesn't It? It does so the K2 Grows-A-Long fit is shims that are removable from the boot and allows the, you know, a little bit extra growth for a couple seasons out of the boot. Which is huge for parents because kids are always growing and... Exactly. On the standpoint of, you know, efficiency, there's a ton of that. Performance, there's a lot of that there but especially for mom and dad, the economical factor of it, it grows. You can have it for a few seasons, you're not upgrading every single year, is a really huge feature to this boot. And it's a good quality boot that they can pass down to maybe a little brother or little sister as well, right? For sure. Great, well, there you go. Check out the Vandal and the Kat on Thanks for watching the Morning Shred.

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