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2014 K2 Maysis Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey there. Welcome to the Morning Shred brought to you by I'm Jenna. I've got AJ from K2 here and we're going to talk about the K2 Maysis Boot.


AJ, tell us a little bit about who it's for. The Maysis is going to be pretty much for your advanced, all-mountain freestyle kind of rider. The cool thing about the boot is it's going to be a 7 out of 10 flex so it's a little bit stiffer but it has all the aspect similar to our Darko boot which is our freestyle kind of flagship boot but what you get out of this boot that's different is, a little bit stiffer, it's going to be a little bit lighter of a boot also so it's going to be more efficient for a guy that might be riding more all-mountain, that might be doing a little bit of hiking with the boot. So, it's going to have a nice sole to it that has good grip with the Grip Lite Sole. But the biggest features about this boot are the fit system. It's called the Boa Conda system. The Boa Conda is the way we actually tighten the interior of the boot from the exterior so on the outside of the boot there is a Boa and what it does is inside the boot there is pretty much it looks like a Pringle potato chip. It sits on top and it has 2 stringers that go from the inside to the outside of the heel and as you tighten that down, it draws the pad itself down and then back so your foot really has no forward movement whatsoever and the cool thing about that is it's not stuck in one position. This does have customization so depending on the rider's instep, they can slide that piece further down to, you know, match their foot better or they can bring it up higher if they have a little bit higher of an instep so it does have some customization to it. Okay, and then it has regular Boa as well, right? Yep, so the forefront of the boot, the exterior's going to have the Boa Coiler system as well so the Boa on the exterior for the interior and then the regular Boa that's just going to adjust the actual front cuff of the boot. Great.


And super comfy liner. Super comfy liner so that's going to be the Intuition Control Liner and that's going to be pretty much one of our highest end liners where you have extra J bars to it. You can adjust them so then again for your ankle support you can kind of move some things around. Heat Moldable - totally adjustable to fit your foot. Great. And you don't have to heat mold it, it just kind of, you know, great out of the box fit, it will break in over time but if you want ot mold it, you can. Feel free to do it, yep, for sure. But yeah, out of the box fit. Super comfortable and, like you said, if you don't feel like molding it, it will naturally kind of mold itself up. All right. And the outsole, it does have Harhsmellow, right? Yep, so we're going to have Harshmellow and again Harshmellow is something we talk about in all of our products from boards, boots and bindings and it's going to to be our patented dampening system so especaily for the more aggressive rider like this is fit for, anyone that's maybe dropping some cliffs or some bigger jumps with, you know, big landings, that's going to take a lot of the shock, you know, and the vibration out of it so your knees and ankles stay a little bit safer and you have a little bit more energy throughout the day because of the Harshmellow. Great.


Well it sounds like a great boot for the advanced all-mountain freestyle kind of guy looking for a little bit more performance out of his boot. Absolutely. Make sure to check it out on and thanks for watching the Morning Shred.

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