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2014 K2 Mini Turbo Snowboard Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey there. Welcome to the Morning Shred brought to you by I'm Jenna. This is AJ from K2 and we're going to talk about the K2 Mini Turbo.


So, great board for the little kids, right? Yep, yeah. So, it's pretty much a board that's going to be just getting into the sport, really. It's great for entry-level. It's great for a kid who maybe has been renting for a couple seasons but still a lightweight kid looking for that smaller fitting board. You know, it isn't fully ready to go into adult sizing yet. And really the idea is whether you've been renting for a couple years or it's your very first time, the board is meant to take that first timer or that kid who has been doing a little bit and give them the time to progress on the board with a lot of performance on it. Sure. So, couple things that really make the board stand out are the fact that, for it being entry level and first-time rider pretty much, it is a full woodcore. It's our Noodle Core meaning that it's milled out, it's very soft, it's very light so we want the kid to have the ability to actually flex the board and not a full sheet of wood core like we get in our adult boards so it just makes it efficient so the kids at lighter weight can flex the board in their turns and, you know, get the feel of linking up a toeside to a heelside turn. But it is going to hold up over time and have energy and response to last to maybe a little brother down the road. Absolutely. So, the progression is still there, it just first wants to hit that, you know, ability to learn but it has all the progression to go for a couple seasons or hand-me-down type of board. Cool.


Few things that kind of give it a little bit of that progression that you were saying is the Hybrilight Sidewalls. So, what we go to here instead of a lot of like entry level boards will be cap construction which cap's great because it's super durable. Our Hybrilight is extremely durable but it adds more progression and that's what we want to focus on so Hybrilight just means it has one consistent sidewall from tip to tail contact point so it gives you the same amount of pressure all the way throughout the board and not just at the toes where your feet kind of sit. So, you're able to get just that little bit more response that helps you progress than you would out of a cap board. Yep. Exactly. For sure. And Catch-Free Rocker as well, right? Yep, so it has the Catch-Free Rocker so the way our baselines are set up from K2 is all of our boards no matter what will be flat in between the bindings and then from your binding inserts out, you will find certain rockers zones. For the Catch-Free, what it's going to be is, the board is about pretty much 80% flat and then your tip or your nose and your tail kind of contact points are raised off the ground so you have that Catch-Free Rocker there and it's just meant to give it a good feel so if we're kind of sliding as opposed to actually getting into a turn, we don't catch our contact points and go straight to the face or go, you know, throw ourselves backwards so it's all about initiating the turn, making it easier for the entry-level rider. That big flat area gives them stability, right? So it's not squirrely and just super, super rockered. Exactly. And that's the idea with the flat, you know, line from us is it gives you the stability especially for someone who hasn't yet figured out the way the board's actually initiated, tracks very straight so they don't have to worry about trying to shuffle their feet ot bring the board back in line or anything.


Awesome. Well, there you go, the Mini Turbo's a great board for the little guy looking to progress. It's real important to get them started on something that's quality and will last over time and... Exactly. them get to that next point. Make sure to check out the Mini Turbo on and thanks for watching the Morning Shred.

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