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2014 K2 Raider Boot Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey there. Welcome to the Morning Shred brought to you by I'm Jenna. This is AJ from K2 and we're going to talk about the K2 Raider Boot.


So, AJ, this boot's been in the line for a long time, right? Just getting better and better. Tell us a little bit about it. The Raider is kind of our strong intermediate freestyle boot, you know, it's still good all-mountain just to cruise and rip everything but this goes really a long way for a kid that's looking for a boot under $200 and wants a strong freestyle boot. The Raider's definitely that choice. So, from K2 we have a few things that are pretty long tradition with our company and one of those is going to be the Boa system so we make it very easy, convenient to work with Boa to get you a really amazing fit on the exterior in terms of how you're going to tighten the boot up. this is an upgrade to the boy or Boa Coiler and what that means is when you release your Boa system, when you pull it out, all that cable sucks back in with it so you don't have a bunch of extra turn so it's just more efficient, it makes quicker to get in and out of the boot. Great. So you're not cranking on it forever and lets it all back in. Tell us a little bit about the liner in it.


All right, so the liner then you go to we bump up into the Intuition Comfort Liner so this is going to be extremely comfortable fit right out of the box but it is, it does have the heat moldable properties just because it is the Intuition. With the Comfort you can go ahead and ride it though without heating up and after time your not natural body temperature and fit and side will start to form itself to the shape of your foot as well. So, convenience, so it gets a good better fit but it adds a lot of performance for the aspect of molding itself to the foot. Great. And how about the outsole on it? Outsole we go to the new Low Pro Sole on this. It's going to be lighter weight from last season and really the idea with making that kind of gum look sole is you get a good skate look to it but it gives you better board to foot contact feel so little bit less material drops you down in the binding more, you just have better feel of exactly what's going on underneath your foot. Cool. So, from somebody coming up from maybe the Outlier, kind of choosing between the 2, the Raider's going to give them just a little bit more comfort, little bit more performance, just have a little bit of extra features to it. Yep. Exactly. So, it's just pretty much that next level, that next tier of riding. It's a little bit stiffer but it still falls at the 5 flex out of 10 so good flex for park but definitely, you know, a little bit stronger of a boot overall than the Outlier.


Just overall a great intermediate level boot. Absolutely. Great. Well make sure to check out the K2 Raider on and and thanks for watching the Morning Shred.

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