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2014 K2 Vandal and Kandi Snowboard Overview


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Video Transcription


Hey there. Welcome to the Morning Shred brought to you by I'm Jenna. This is AJ from K2 and we're going to talk about the K2 Vandal and Candy board.


So, AJ, who are these guys designed for? The Candy and the Vandal are going to be kind of the step up from the, you know, entry-level youth kind of boards. This is that tweener kind of grom feel so really are the kids that are getting on this board have been riding for a few years and they're pretty much at that point of figuring out do I want to just be a park rider or do I just kind of want to be all-mountain. So, this board encompasses still every aspect of snowboarding but it has the progression to give them a good feel of where they want to take their riding so it's still great all-mountain but it has a lot of park progression as well so it just gives them a good blend to figure out where should I go when I get another 15, 20 pounds put on in and I grow 3 more inches when I want to get into an adult board. So some of the key features that kind of help set that up is it's going to be true twin so true twin's always going to be great for the freestyle kind of rider and it still gives you a good platform to go ride all-mountain, doesn't matter if you're set back in your stance or true twin, you still have the same ease, you know, of riding so that's going kind of play into our baseline. The baseline story on this is it's freestyle baseline and for that it means that in between the bindings, the board's entirely flat and as we get closer to the contact points you're going to see our freestyle baseline there and it's going give it a feel of little bit of like a skateboard so a lot of, you know, initiation to your toes, your heels, the board's going to act very quickly but having that flat line, on all the way, you know, until that freestyle baseline contact point, it makes it track very straight so for the kid that's more all-mountain freeride feel, he gets good stability out of that. So, it kind of helps him figure it out whether he's more the all-mountain guy, more the freestyle guy, it still performs great in both and has things that kind of can help him progress in both. Exactly. And that's the whole idea with it and it really does work because you can see a lot of kids get on it and they say, okay, I feel more comfortable this style of riding or this way feels better and it just gives them a good idea of that.


And a couple other things to it, you know, it's full woodcore so it's going to be a similar platform of what we get into like our entry-level men's and women's boards on the woodcore aspect, and also the sidewall construction is called HybraTech and it is giving you a full sidewall to your contact points and then at that point we actually blend it into a little bit of the caps so it reduces some swing weight for this freestyle kid, makes it easier to spin and then also for that kid who's still just doing just all-mountain a little bit softer helps initiate the turn. Okay, and I think it's worth pointing out too that does come in wides right so kid's feet are getting huge these days and it does have, I think the 145 and the 148 come in wides as well, right? Yep. Both come in wide versions. Great. Well, there you go. Make sure to check out both the Vandal and the Candy on and thanks for watching the Morning Shred.

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